God complex.

God complex.

I could hear the rattling sound of my chained dog, poor thing might wish he was human

He’ll never realize how lucky he is to be a dog.

You may get irritated by this write up but do try to finish what you started.

The creator: God.

This is my third attempt at writing this. I’ve failed twice due to a glitch in my software whenever I’m trying to conclude. So I decide to do it the old fashion way. Pen.

I have some questions I’ll love to ask God.

But let’s take a look at what I’ve learned about him.

I’m not a Christian but I seem to recall something in the scriptures about humans made in God’s image.

Does this have a direct meaning or of conscience?

If it’s direct, does that mean God looks like a man and a woman at the same time?

Does that make him hermaphrodite?

Or is it in the conscience form? I’ll prefer this form cause it will actually explain a lot.

Mankind is a good and evil being, there is no such thing as pure evil or pure good.

There is good and evil in everyone.

Does this mean God is both good and evil?

This makes a lot of sense, it explains why some people are short while some are tall, poor and rich, white and black.

But we are not perfect and are we not made in God’s image?

Does that mean God isn’t perfect?

He could have made the world in a day but he did in seven days, right?

Let’s put aside the scriptures.

I’m a Muslim and I love my religion but it baffles me when I question some teachings and I get rebuked by most. Even God promotes learning and he wants us to question when in doubt. why can’t most of you guys question your cleric teachings?

why do you accept what they tell you without doubt?

One of my religion teachers told me God created some people for hell and some for heaven…..wow!

Why would God most gracious most merciful in his infinite mercy condemn you to hell? it’s destiny they’ll say.

Isn’t that exciting?

Religious zealots!

Religion is somewhat funny!

The white men came to spread good news called gospel. They shipped in lots of bibles but shipped out humans to slavery Bay.

Islam the religion of peace was accepted through war.

Religion splits us apart without proper knowledge.

All the religious teacher teaches love and peace except for indabosky bahose…

I could remember holding a crucifix necklace.

A neighbor of mine a little girl, screamed at the sight of the crucifix.

She was around 10 years, the scream was a way of her expressing her disgust for the crucifix.

It wasn’t her fault, she hate it.

She doesn’t want to be condemned to eternal damnation. That would happen if she associates herself with such people, she believed as she had learned.

This is what religion does to its fanatics.

It’s one of the reasons why my country is still so underdeveloped. As the poor minded people prefer to pray for miracles and against witches. Instead of actually fighting for their rights.

Before the era of modern religion. Our forefathers had a way of worshipping God and they believed their prayers were answered  and they get physical  evidence and fast results.

God is omnipotent right? why is he not preventing evil?

Is he able but not willing?

That a characteristic of malevolence.

Is God malevolent?

Why does he allow the female child get raped?

Why is he letting human beings  trade human part for a penny?

Why are there orphans at the orphanage while some couples are without a child?

Why does he let the politician get away with the loots while beggars beg for scraps only to get ignored?

Why do the good die young and wicked live a happy fulfilled life?

Qadr the Muslim  calls it. 

Que sera sera the Christian  will say. 

Don’t tell me it’s because he wants the good kind to join him in paradise whilst giving the bad a shot at redemption.

I’ll curse you.

How do we heal from injustice?

It’s corona season.

Pastor and imam that heals, cure, and work miracles should be out there healing the sick but you won’t  see that happen. 

So many prophecies had been  stated; yet none came to pass.

Regardless of the whole pandemic situation, Some religious leaders  still ask members to pay tithes via ussd code and send them pandemic packages.

God gave you sense why not apply them?

Evolve, live, love, and learn.

I’m not an atheist.

I know God exist.

let’s unlearn to learn.

Nullis in verba; don’t take anyone word for it.

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  1. Nice write-up 🙌🏽👏 Many questions people really need answers to. But I just feel the writing was focusing more christainity if you ask me.

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