White chains over black mind.

White chains over black mind.

Black has always been portrayed in an evil way, anytime you see black it signifies evil.

As a kid I watched nollywood movies and I could remember that black witches were the evil, and they  do no good but harm and most of them had to sacrifice their children to get in the league.
The white witches on the other hand were the ones that help solve the effects of black witches.
I saw a clip, it was Muhammad Ali interview and he asked why everything that was white was good and why the black signifies bad.
The black sheep, the devils, blackmail, yet the angels were white ,Jesus was white and paradise was illuminated with white lights.
The black people has the most corrupt leaders,underdeveloped countries,laws that are biased and are known for infamy.
The black people believes so much in religion that was handed over to them through slavery and war.
The blacks,
would let go of their culture to fit in the western world as a misfit, raise their child to speak foreign languages, leave their country and invest in foreign land while the white man land flourishes the black man land decays. We were enslaved and we were freed, freedom that was always ours.
The one thing that hurts so much is that the slavery is still on…
It’s slavery of the mind.
Before the freedom they ensured to drain the people of their senses and turned them  into poor minded people, we were taught how to read and write, we were taught how to follow their footsteps, they took away our freedom and gave us guidelines, rules to follow.
They literally put us in a box.
We wake up everyday with self doubts, doubts instilled in us so we’ll never grow.
We have schools, lots of it, a place every parent wants his/her child to attend so as to learn.
You have to be educated so you’ll have a life the parents will say.
what’s a school by the way?
A place of doctrine where we are been taught that we”ll never be enough. There was a time when we could blame our deficiencies on lack of information but not anymore.
We’ve been taught to rely on foreigners, we’ve been taught to be dependent, we’ve been taught to hate .
We accuse the white of racism, but what do we have here?
Apartheid, xenophobia, sexism and lots more.
Africans segregate and even within the nuclear family there’s still segregation.
We get excited when a foreigner sings our song or speak our language, their languages we speak everyday and most of us are perfect at it.
We look onto them like they are God.
We worship their God.
Dress like them.
Act like them.
Speak like them.
We lost our true nature in the search for acceptance.
We blacks will always be black and until we accept that, we will be slaves of poor minds.
“imagine a stranger telling you he knows you better than you know yourself.”.. That’s our history..it was given to us by foreigners, they literally dictated our history to us.

River Niger was discovered by the white they say,  the same river our ancestors fetched water from? 

We choose this slavery everyday yet we deny it.
We need to go back to the past and rewrite our history, back to the start.
Only then can we right our wrongs.
Let a black man/black woman sit on the black throne, pull the knowledge and ponder over the chains on our black mind. 
Black joy.
Black world coming I see good things. 

Our land is black cause it’s  fertile. 

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