Wilding beauty.

Wilding beauty.

 I do find it intriguing why people feel insecure and ashamed about their scars. 

Scars are a permanent mark on the skin sometimes caused by the Healing Of a wound,  the main focus of the definition is the Healing Part. 
Your scars are a definite part of you,  a symbol of Victory something to remind you of what you’ve survived.  There are a lot and different kinds of scar, some from accidents, medical procedure,  some from an incident that occurred and you’re probably better off not remembering it and lots more. 
But the fact is,  these scars have just a meaning; I have gone through this and I survived. Veni Vedi Vici.
Why don’t you accept your scar and accept the fact that they are here to stay? 
Everyone is beautiful, but you stop being beautiful when you hate a part of your body,  you hate how you look and you become self-loathing.
What do you expect from people when you’re not okay with your body feature? 
Let happiness exist on your own terms, let your happiness come from within you. 
In this new world, everyone wants to be a perfect picture type,  they want to flaunt their skin and body features on social media and get appalling likes and comments. Well, nothing is stopping you except you, you’re feeling insecure about people you probably won’t even meet or your friends that probably don’t care about you genuinely.  Here is one thing I’ll love to point out.  
Love doesn’t come with terms and conditions and groupie love, is not love!
I was going through my Instagram account one day and I saw something rare.
It was a guy who flaunts his scars and what I appreciated more about him was the fact that he found a way to get people like him and made what people perceive as their flaws into something you call beautiful. 
He literally made their scars beautiful. 
I read a novel titled the “Grey Woods” and I could remember the part where battle scars were painted white to be shown proudly to their enemies.
Also have seen a lot of movies where scars are something you should be proud of, why don’t you make your life movie and you the shinning star?
Here is the funny thing about life, it all comes down to our choices.
You could let your scars be a great reminder of a life well-lived or you could let them inhibit your everyday life and harm your confidence leading you to make choices you wouldn’t dare to make if you were your own definition of beauty. 
Scars and body physique are something you should never be ashamed of. 
I’m sorry you live in a world where you see yourself through people,
I hope you find happiness and love that is not conditional.
I hope you get to realize you are beautiful just the way you are, and the features you describe as flaws are wilding beauty!

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