It’s not a story. And it does not have a title🙄|| or if you like— “CRUSHED, (Cupid conquers once again).

It's not a story. And it does not have a title🙄|| or if you like---  "CRUSHED, (Cupid conquers once again).

I saw her today
She is so fine
If there’s a measurement for beauty
She tops the scale
If there’s a measurement for smartness
She’s the highest attainment

I had so many fine things to tell her
I wanted her to feel me
A new me!
I planned a witty conversation with her
But my wit went the way of the wind
I tried to compose myself as charismatic and sweet
But I was only falling over myself, as awkward as a day old chick

Here I am writing prosaic rubbishy lines
Thinking I’m writing poem
Here I am planning to be better when next I see her
Here I am bidding my time
Like an assassin that missed his target

A heart fore sworn not to dally with Cupid
A heart fore sworn not to entertain affections
Hahaha, the heart has fallen low again
But it is not my fault
She actually blew my mind

A heart of stone, a rigid heart
A heart that scorns love, a lone heart
A heart that has refused several soft calling voices
Now the heart is beating pretty fast, too fast
It is skipping beats
Doing unsolicited flips

The heart has fallen!
Head over heels it did
Completely and irreversibly
Cupid conquers once again
I just hope that my love is consummated
I hope that things go according to plan when I see her next
I pray that my heart does not beat in vain
I pray that my love falls in love with me

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