Vanilla flavour ice cream is my favorite. Anytime we visit the mall, the first section I run to is the ice cream section but I go to other sections to pick my items. There was a day we went and as usual, the first place I visited was the ice cream bar. As my younger sister picked hers-chocolate flavour, I was tempted to have a taste, I begged her to give me but she didn’t, I know her for that already. Well, I decided to have a change of flavour so I went for the chocolate flavour too. And OMG! It was sweeter and yummier than my favorite vanilla flavour. I tried strawberry flavour too and its sweetness is just out of this world. “Is there ever a bitter flavored vanilla”? I wondered. No wonder children always crave for it, even adults are not left out. Ice cream; so sweet, creamy and yummy, with toppings, sometimes. What would life look like if like ice cream it is always sweet, tasty and yummy, no bitter flavor -its all shade of sweetness, I pondered.

Life isn’t ice cream, it comes with it’s sweet and bitter experience and everyone must have a taste. Life comes with the mountain side and the valley side and everyone must have a view. Life, sometimes is full of ups and downs, high and low, good and bad times-that is how the Architect designed it.

Unlike ice cream, you cannot dictate to life what you warn, you cannot choose the flavor you want but you can decide how you live your life. You can make decisions of how you want you your life to be. But no matter the decisions you make, you will definitely have a bittersweet taste, that’s what makes life sweet and exciting.

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