1. We were being rushed by the school management as the academic calendar just got stabilized and everything seemed to be normal again. We were about rounding up our first semester exam, projects ongoing and in less than five months we were to become graduates. We couldn’t wait as we are already due for graduation. 

Social functions were lining up as some of our colleagues,friends and relatives already fixed dates for one ceremony or the other,ranging from Introduction,wedding to reunion parties. A lot of programmes already planned and we were looking forward to a great time together.

Then the unexpected happened,the unforeseen and like the world wars, it sent all of us under our roofs with hugs, handshakes, social and public gatherings, road movement forbidden. We were all forced to stay indoors- the high and the low, the rulers and the ruled, the privileged and less privileged, priests and the pew. At first we thought it would last for a week or two but our hopes were dashed as the pandemic kept spreading and the lockdown extended. 

However, staying indoors came as a blessing in disguise as we now have all the time to our ourselves; spending ample time in fellowship with the Father, taking online courses and trainings, bonding with family and loved ones. Relationships to us is now cherished. Now we have enough time to sleep, no 7am class to attend, no evening practicals, no rushing out early in the morning and coming back late at night. We now have time to do all we had wanted to do that time didn’t permit from the comfort of our homes.

But now, we are getting tired. We want to go back to our normal life, we want to visit old friends and family, we have missed fellowship and church programmes. We want to go back and take our courses and write our exams, we want to go back to our businesses. Yes, we want to attend parties and celebrate with each other again. We want to see the city bustling and lively again.

When will this be over? When are we coming out again? We are tired of staying indoors.


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