Hi everyone I am feranmi by name and I want to share an important lesson with all of you reading this I know Nigeria has been a hard country or a hard place for all of us but I’m here to speak on behalf of Nigeria on Behalf of our nation Nigeria has been a really bad and tough place for all of us but if we work together we can change Nigeria we can change the community to a greater place we can put all these our suffering to and end killing,raping,cultism,theft to an end. Pls take a look at our countries how they are cooperation to achieve their goal their success but I’m not here to talk about them I am here to talk about us Nigeria

If we co-operate we can change Nigeria we can change the lives of a trillion people I know how all of you must feel about Nigeria it is bad it is…. Different complains here and there but if we see in cooperation it would be different to the extent that other countries will bow down again us we can fight coroCo virus away I am not only speaking of just to fight Corona virus but also speaking of other things. Take a look outside people are being killed, endegered small kids,families friends. But we can put that all away if we walk together and fight for our own good I know some people will be like what his he saying or ignore this page no problem ‘but no matter what we are all in this together’. That is just the simple part and the only truth other countries like China, America our kind our people are being kicked out there we need to fight. Other countries are mocking us laughing at us that we will always be the last but if we co-operate we will win this together with also God’s help

Speak of our leaders: I also know that they are not doing well some are just I don’t know but we can change it we can live in a world people won’t die anymore like Kidnapping,Thert ,Murder,rape,asault bribery. We can all make that go away we can be like other countries even better if we believe if we work together. I thank this opportunity to be able to write this short note . I thank all of you for your time. God bless you all and God will continue to help Nigeria. Bye

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