Media Trends and how they affect us

Media Trends and how they affect us

Writing about this poses a challenge because almost everyone has a media device and for you to read this article, you must have one. We use these devices, information is passed from one person to another through these devices, we know what’s popular and what isn’t, what’s relevant and those that are not relevant. We also know what trends and its effects although dynamic are known to us all.One can easily google this theme and hundreds of articles and answers will pop up on your screen.

The question now is,what would I do, what can I say, what can I communicate to you…it won’t be nothing you haven’t seen before but I just want to be as real as possible.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t bore us with yet another lecture of the toxic effects of media and media trends, let’s leave the lectures to the lecturers.
All I want to do is paint a picture from my photographic mind to you with words (cos I can’t draw or paint for realz🙃🙃).

I love to observe trends online, I follow the trends, when they start, what they accomplish in its time frame and of course the aftermath, that is , what happens after an issue, an information, a style, or a challenge trends.
Firstly, let me categorically state that trends are not bad. Ask a qualified professional;you’ve got to keep up, you’ve got to be informed, its pays to know.

Then, there is always a trend. Fact! Something or someone must trend ni. In Nigeria, you know that its one trend per month sometimes per week but let’s assume its per month.  Yesterday it was #bottlecapchallenge, now it is #brownskingirlchallenge

There will always be a challenge, there will always be a new style, something will be popular every other day. I follow from afar these trends and one thing I have come to realise is that when an issue is trending, there is usually a lot of uproar, lot of noise,everybody knows the best about it but when something else comes up, the previous trend is forgotten. A lot of people get bashed, some take advantage and push their business. The effects of trends vary.

However, it is in our best interest to note that social media is a make-believe world. Not everything we see is real, not everything that trends is for everyone. The moment we adjust ourselves, our values to fit into each and every trend every time it comes out then we are setting ourselves up for undue pressure. Don’t get me wrong, there are some trends that are good for us to follow it is wisdom to know yourself and categorically select the ones that would build you up, the ones that would help push your business and ideas, trends that amplifies your strengths and gives strength to your weaknesses.

Trends are meant to be followed right? Then, lets pick the ones we should follow. Let us not join the bandwagon and hop on every other thing that trends, let us all be convinced before we join the trends. The pressure to always want to trend with the trend can be mentally draining, the need to always keep up, to keep up appearances, to be something or someone that is not you; this is not healthy mentally.

The best way in my opinion to deal with this is to know what you want from social media, to understand the techniques and the work that goes behind the scenes, let us know that not all that glitters online is gold, filters and Photoshop can go a long way in maintaining these false appearances and it would be folly on our part to try to be something or someone that was “made” in an app.

Furthermore, to those of us that the pressure has swarmed and overwhelmed, take some time off social media. Trust me, the real world is realer than the social media world. Just take some time out to know what it means to interact with people face-to-face, and breathe in fresh air again. You’ll feel better and refreshed. You can make it a once in 3 months activity or even once a year, just take a break from social media.

To conclude, this hasn’t been a lecture per say and I don’t know how well I’ve painted the picture although I did say at the beginning that I’m not a skilled painter though. I would implore us to live each day to our fullest, know what is trending but not necessarily follow all that trends, let us take time to study and know ourselves such that we can identify and follow trends that would help us be better persons. In the midst of all these we must not forget that our mental health is as important as our physical health. A sound mind and a sound body makes for a healthy person!

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