The Past 🙁

The Past 🙁

What do we do when the past comes knocking?
When the mind brings the past to remembrance?

One of the things that outright affects mental health;
The past.
Past events
Past success
Past failures
Past acquaintances
Past mistakes.

And many a time, we don’t go knocking on Mr. Past’s door, he just opens the window of memories and all we can do is well…I donno, whatever it is we do when the past refreshes in our mind.

Any event, word, mannerism or even the faintest of thoughts could bring to remembrance an occurrence past whether they are related in that context or not.

Thoughts of the past especially the ones we’re not so fond of, the ones we try desperately to forget can alter the attitude we take into the day or a matter and can affect rather adversely the whole matter on ground.

Do we really ever forget?
Can we ever get over past occurrence(s)?
What do we do,
What can we do when the mind flashes the past in our line of vision?

The religious ones may say, that you pray about it.
The moralists may say that you take your mind off it.
The philosophers may argue that the past is a figment of our own imagination, something to hold on to about an event.

but have you ever wondered why you still have certain memories of your childhood, although some are in fragments, bits, tiny little pieces but hey, they’re still there.

I feel like the mind in a way acts as storage of events that have now become memories.

There are certain joyful memories that we relish over and over again probably because it brings back the joy, the euphoria, the happiness of that moment.

There are certain memories that although painful, have taught us lessons on what to do when similar occurrences come up in the future and aren’t so painful when we’re reminded of them.

And there are the ones we wish never happened so we wouldn’t have to remember; the ones we wish we could delete or write off; the ones that keep us up at night.

We at times replay these events in our head, reanalyzing the situation, trying to find the loose ends and hoping that maybe, just maybe we can fix it now…but alas, its in the past.

Chris Feereiras , my writer for the month of June 2018 said recently that
“Life presents you with the past
  to see if you’re still there.”

This brings me to a recommendation of some sort,
The past has happened
The past cannot be edited
The past will not be changed no matter how long we think or over think it!

Deal with it!
Yes its harsh but that my friend, is the sad reality.
This is the only progressive thing to do.

If prayer works for you, pray about it.
If exercise works you do so.
If talking with someone works for you, talk with ’em
If its an unresolved issue, resolve it.
If its a debt to be paid, pay it.
If its a person to be forgiven, forgive them.

And if its too traumatizing it hurts your head, seek therapy, join mental health support groups, we’re everywhere even on the internet, listen to music, get busy with something else.
Do not brood on it for too long lest you become bitter and angry and toxic not just to others but even to yourself.

Whatever works for you, do it.
Deal with it!

Drive that force into something more productive
So that when it flashes again, you already have one up on it.
Don’t allow the past to hold you back cos that’s exactly where it is…at the back.
Leave it there and forge ahead!

That’s not to say the memories would not flash, they would but we each must develop our own strategy to deal with it.

Remember, the present is past in the future.
Even today and all its events would be tomorrow’s yesterday — the past.

So darling, when the past comes knocking…take a breath, don’t open the door, carry on with you and get busy!

                     January 2020.

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