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Hey there! A little introduction, huh?
I am that girl from the streets;
Streets lined with houses of woes
Woes of misery resulting from affliction
Afflictions trod on by my people for years
Years and never-ending years of being in the lurch.

Hey look! Allow me take you around, huh?
See the drenched despair on their faces;
Faces that never once shone of hope
Hope for a better life of existence
For existence in itself is a luxury
Luxuries that their toiling hands cannot afford.

Hey listen! Let me divulge some things to you, huh?
Those ears you see, they are tuned;
Tuned to low-pitched throbbing sounds
Sounding from within their stomachs, oh my!
My soul sings sorrowful sympathy for their state
Their state of measly meals and hunger pangs.

Hey hear me! This is the last tale, huh?
I am a part of their world;
World of struggle and sweats
Sweats that pay obeisance to a structured setting
Set to keep slaves as slaves forever,
Ever till forever becomes forever.


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