It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything that causes your brother to stumble. Romans 14:21

The club is crowded tonight. Mira wondered what the event is. Usually, the club is moderately full with the big boys of Lagos. On the one hand, you can be rest assured that you’ll make a good connection this is why this club serves as a meeting point for businessmen, influencers, brand owners, celebrities, politicians, just name it. On the other hand, some of them are just there to have fun, show off, catch cruise and spend money.
One thing she has come to realize about men is that they just want to make money, chop life, and fuck a bitch. When they are stinkingly rich they crave wild fun, wild fantasies, wild and unusual desires. She has seen men become puppets for sexual pleasure and women dance to the tunes of money.
Okay, men and women are puppets to different things but what she couldn’t fathom is why a woman will want to work like a man. A man is a man and that’s on periodt. Six ribs or whatever the bible says. A woman is just a rib. She remembered aunt Margaret who has worked tirelessly all her life just because she wanted to prove something to her ex husband. “Can’t be me” Mira thought to herself. A man makes money the hard way, tills the soil, the root, the source while a woman makes money from the man. that’s soft innit? She smirked.
I have acquired so much without much stress just as it is supposed to be for a woman. I know my strength and I’m using it efficiently. I work while I enjoy. My power is in my feminism, yes my feminism and I use what I have to get what I want.

With this thought, she moved among the crowd to the VIP. Heads turned and admired her big bouncing butt as she passed, she held her head high and walked majestically. She smiled to herself and muttered “power of a woman”
“I’ve been in this game for long, so damn lonnnng nigga!”

On getting to the VIP she finally saw why everywhere was full. There’s a celebrity in the house that has decided to loud his own arrival.


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