The disco light in the VIP shone on the three strippers dancing in the tiny space behind the central table. The celebrity was with some friends and two tall muscular guys who look like bodyguards. Their loud cheers as they drink could be heard amidst the very loud music. They cheered the strippers on as they danced. Mira was glad she’d been paired with Steph and two other ladies.

Steph is her closest friend in this industry and they’ve done several roles together. Working with Steph is always fun because she is full of life. She doubt if the girl ever worries about anything except for piercings. Currently, she’s got eleven piercings and of course still counting. It can only be Steph associating a migraine to a piercing. She insisted on getting a daith for her migraine, Mira doesn’t seems to understand these things but daith almost got them killed on their way back. She had received a call and her pouch’s fancy chain-like holder had gotten stuck with her fresh daith piercing. There was a scream so loud that startled Mira that she bashed the car ahead of her before she could control her car. She sighed deep placing her two hands on the steering wheel and thought “Steph won’t be the end of me” Pulling over, she alighted and braced up for the ugly driver scenes she’d always avoided.
Thank goodness the damage was minor and the dude wasn’t pissed. Well, he couldn’t be mad anyway he saw fine babes she thought. They got talking, he got her number and Steph wouldn’t stop ranting about him on their journey home. Anyway, the fine dude is another story for another day.

Mira walked up to her team and joined the dance.

Immediately Steph saw her she beamed with a it’s-getting-all-lit tonight face and crossed over to her side. Both girls hugged passionately and her hand moved down to her ass.

“girl you’ve got more flesh right here”

Steph laughed and twerked seductively. Mira spanked each cheek of her butt.
The guys cheered them up as Mira’s hand went behind Steph’s back. She unfastened the hook holding the girl’s black net bra which was a see-through. The girl danced and bounced her pierced nippled boobs as she twerked. Mira bent and placed her two hands on the table as she twerked to the DJ mix as well. As she twerked, Steph who is now left with just a black g-string panty joined her at the table to twerk. The crowd cheered them up and some were rubbing the girls butts.
At the other side of the room was another cheer as the other two strippers were now passionately on each other. The first stripper had sat astride the other one giving her a lap dance while her naked boobs was all over her face.
The room was filled with loud cheers as the celebrity moved behind Mira and spanked her ass. Mira found the hook holding her straps in place and unfastened it. She shed her monotube. The celebrity muttered “damn girrrrllll” as she went naked. The celebrity brought out packs of mint notes and sprayed the two strippers dancing seductively before him.

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