Black power

Black power
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If we look into deeply well,

All that we shall one day tell,
With our grieved hearts full of fear,
Dark moments with shades of hell,

Our fathers fed with chatisement,
From rivers of anguish drank our mothers,
We watched our daughters molested,
Our valiant sons enslaved,

Looting of artifacts,
Subjugation over our sovereignty,
Treachery of our treasury,
Exploitation of our valuables,

Oh wicked white folks,
You afflict blacks with agony flu,
Your dissected heart full of hate,
An abode of injustice,

An end to killings is all we seek,
A bond of brotherhood is all we desire,
For we all are humans and equal,
Your life, my life, all Lives Matters.

@Oluwaseun oludayo

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