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Ever wondered what comes after a happily ever after? What happens when true love has overcome all the obstacles and the couples married? As she sat in the holding cell in handcuffs, Victoria narrated a simple love story to the police officers.

Once upon a time, there was a young girl, her name was Victoria. She was the product of the joining of true love. Her parents met at a wedding and fell head over heels in love with each other. Few years later, they were exchanging for better or worse till death do they part vows. And like a curse rather than a vow, death did tear the two lovers apart. Victoria lost her mother when she was only ten years old and her dad remarried only a year later.

This second marriage could be described in one word, deception. Her father wasn’t getting married to just anybody, he was getting married her mother’s best friend. It was a typical story with a twist at the end.

It wasn’t till after the marriage that Victoria found out that her new step mother wasn’t new at all. Her dad had been having an affair even before her mum died and to top it all up she didn’t come to the marriage alone, she came with a young child, about the same age as Victoria. They both made it their business to make Victoria’s life miserable.

And before you ask, the answer is no. Victoria wasn’t pathetic and sad and always crying and asking for her mother. She was a strong girl and refused to be bullied. She was stubborn, strong willed and hot headed. But she was outnumbered so she suffered anyway. She suffered from a happily ever after that wasn’t happy at all. She suffered her dad’s unfaithfulness and her mother’s naivety.

“So what happened that day”

The police officers asked, tired of the already long story.

Victoria, who was seventeen already had refused to wash her step sister’s clothes. That resulted in a big fight between the two girls which her step mother came to settle. She obviously took her daughter’s side

“Victoria, why are you always so stubborn ehn. The clothes are not even that plenty. You’re just like your mother”

“Aunty Margaret, I’ve told you times without number to stop talking about my mother. Stop it oh. Stop it”

“Or else what? Victoria, what would you do?” Her step sister chipped in “is she going to come back from the dead and defend you?”

“Don’t mind her my daughter. If you don’t start behaving yourself in this house, I’ll do to you what I did to your mother”

Victoria looked up. The statement hitting her like cold water “what’s that supposed to mean aunty Margaret”

“Exactly what you think it means. So better behave yourself in this house”

“And that was when you stabbed her?”

Victoria shook her head. “No I didn’t. Not then”

By the time her father arrived that night, Victoria was sitting on the couch waiting for him with a knife to her stepmother’s throat. His briefcase fell to the floor

“Victoria, what are you doing? Drop that knife right now!”

“Good evening daddy, how was work?” She asked, impossibly calm

“Vickie. Would you drop—“

Victoria pressed the knife harder to her step mum’s throat

“Honey please just answer the question” his new wife cried, tears rolling down her cheek

Her father looked at her, shock paralysing his whole body

“Work was fine” he answered, the fear visible in his voice

She smiled at him. “That’s good to know daddy. Now take a seat. We need to have a talk”

“Vickie—” her step sister started

“Madam, if you say another word, I’ll kill your mother and you’ll be next” and from the way she sounded, she meant every word

“Vickie, what is this about?” Her father asked, already settled in a seat

“Daddy dear. All I need you to do right now is to answer my questions honestly. The second I sense you’re lying, I’ll slide this knife a little to the side of this beautiful neck. I’m sure you don’t want your wife’s blood on your couch”

“Okay fine. But put the knife down first”

“You’re not understanding something here. You don’t get to make demands. I’m the one with the knife. I ask, you answer. Understand?”

“Vickie this is ridiculous. Why—“

She pressed the knife again, this time there was a trickle of blood down her step mother’s neck

“Okay okay fine fine. Let’s talk”

Her step sister was crying by now, but Victoria was seeing red. She didn’t care.

“You were cheating on my mother weren’t you?”


“For how long?”

“I can—“

“For how long!”

“Three years”

Victoria laughed bitterly “three years? For three years you deceived a woman who did nothing but love and respect you” she said, her voice breaking as tears gathered in her eyes

“Vickie I’m—“

“Don’t call me that! Don’t even.” She cleared her throat “how did she die?”

There was a chilling silence in the room, only her step sisters sobs could be heard

“Dear daddy, what’s wrong? That’s a question you answered so quickly before. She fell off the stairs right? Isn’t that what you told me? What you’ve been telling me for the past eight years!?

She screamed, causing her father to jerk in his seat

“Victoria please. Calm down”

She laughed again, her laughter sounding more bitter than the last one. The fact that her hair wasn’t done made her look more deranged.

“Calm? I’m calm daddy. Do I look agitated to you? I’m just a young girl asking her daddy some questions. Is that a bad thing”

“Victoria please. Please my daughter, I didn’t mean what I said earlier”

Victoria looked at her step mother “I advice you to keep quiet aunty Margaret. Just shut up. This is between me, my darling father and my dead mother” she turned to her father ” daddy, answer the question right now. How did my mother die?”

“She fell off the stairs” he said calmly

“How did she fall?”

“She…she fell off—“

“How did she fall Daddy. Don’t test my patience. I will kill this woman and go to prison, I don’t mi—“

“Victoria please. I—“

The blood flowing from her stepmother’s neck increased as Victoria pressed harder against it

“Jesus Christ Vickie she was pushed. My mother pushed her, but it was an accident”

Victoria looked at her step sister, her father then her step mother

“Now it’s your turn dear Aunty Margaret. Just answer my question. Your life is in your hands now. Was it an accident?”

Another chilling silence.

“Mama amswer her. Tell her it was an accident”

“Yes Mama. Tell me. Tell us. Was it an accident?”

“No it wasn’t”

“And that’s when you stabbed her?” The officers asked Victoria once again

“You’re asking the wrong questions officers, to the wrong person. My mum was killed. She didn’t die. Didn’t she deserve a happily ever after. Why am I here?”

“Answer the question. Did you stab her and stand by while she was rushed to the hospital”

She was crying now “I didn’t mean —“

And that’s where I come in. “Don’t say another word again Victoria. My name is Neemah Abidemi. I’m your lawyer”

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