Fate and the prophet

Fate and the prophet

Years ago, a prophet saw a vision of Tosin meeting a man dressed in blue khakis and a red shirt. The prophet said she would meet him in her time of utmost need, that God would send him to rescue her and that the man was her husband. The prophet said it was fate.

The very next day, Tosin was almost mugged by three random men on the road. They didn’t wear mask or anything form of cover on their face, they just walked up to her and demanded for her purse. While she was struggling with them, a man dressed in blue khakis and a red shirt came to her aid.

From that moment Tosin believed in Fate. She believed that everything was predestined and we had no control over the turn our lives took. She believed that fate had a plan for everyone and we just had to wait for it to play out.

That was why she married Ade, the man who saved her. It was also the reason why she tolerated it when Ade sat at home while she worked hard to provide for the family. The prophet told her that fate had destined for Ade to have a bright future ahead of him, that she just had to be patient. He said Ade had a billion dollar job waiting for him in the nearest future and the only way she could help was to keep supporting him. He also told her that without her husband, she would never be rich.

Anytime she was beginning to have her doubts, the prophet would give her a revelation that would come true. The other day, the prophet had seen a vision where a woman would offer her husband a job, but since it wasn’t the job he was fated to have, her husband would decline the offer. Few days later, a beautiful woman dressed in a black suit visited her home asking for her husband. The woman offered him a high paying job which her husband refused. It was exactly as the prophet had said.

So Tosin kept believing in fate and in her prophet. The day her husband asked her for a loan of five million naira to start his own business, Tosin was ecstatic. It was exactly as the prophet has seen it. Her husband would ask her for a loan, start his own business and after a year, he would start making billions.

Toyin borrowed the money from wherever she could and before the end of that week, she had gathered five million naira and was ready to hand it over to her husband. It was when she was on her way to the bank to deposit the money in Ades account that she saw a man she instantly recognized. It was one of the men that tried to rob her a few years back. She never forgot a face and she was sure it was him.

Toyin came down from her car to confront the man and noticed that he was in a heated argument with two other men. Men she immediately recognized too. It was her prophet and her husband. Like a veil being lifted off her eyes, Toyin saw the obvious truth. Something that an educated woman like her should have been able to detect from the beginning.

She rushed to the police station to report her situation. The police weren’t suprised by her story. It turned out that Ade was married to three other woman from different states and the police had been looking for him for a long time. That explained why he never ever left the house. A lot of rich people were looking for him too and they were ready to pay to find him.

They promised her a lot of money if she could help them catch him and every other person involved in the operation. Since she kept a record of every prophecy the fake prophet made that had come true, she was able to identify all the others involved in the operation and she was rewarded handsomely for it.

She suddenly realised that the prophet had been right. Without Ade, she would have never become rich.

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