If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes


With everything that’s going on
The virus, the lockdown, the deaths
It feels like the world is coming to an end
Instead of moving on
I’m left wondering if tommorow would ever come
It feels like my life has only begun
I’ve never ordered a double sausaged shawarma
I always thought it was wrong
I’ve never owned an iPhone before
That used to be my daily song
I didn’t tell David how I felt about him
The distance was too long
If tommorow never comes
I hope I can be strong


My mummy says there’s a virus out there
She says because of it, tommorow may never come
That makes me shed a tear
There’s so much I haven’t done
I’ve not become an adult yet
My teachers always say I’m the leader of tommorow
But if tommorow never comes,
Then I’ll never get to be a leader
I also haven’t kissed a girl yet
My mum says it’s bitter
I know she’s lying, and now I regret


If tomorrow never comes,
I probably won’t even notice
I was born blind. Never seen a thing
Then I hear there’s a virus that may end the world
End a world I’ve never seen
If tomorrow never comes,
It’ll be terrible for me
There’s so much I haven’t done yet
Better still, so much I haven’t seen yet


The question wasn’t if tomorrow never comes,
I knew it wasn’t going to
I had covid 19.
I knew I wasn’t going to survive it,
It wasn’t something an old woman like me could beat.
If tomorrow never comes,
There’s a lot I can do today,
I can forgive those who hurt me.
As hard as it may,
I’d call my daughter and tell her I love her.
I’d call my grandchildren too,
Give them tiny kisses on their cheek.
If tomorrow never comes,
There’s a lot I’ve already done, but I’d like to do much more.

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