Kindness and Karma

Kindness and Karma

Karma’s a real bitch isn’t she?

All my life, my dad always told me, “show kindness to everyone you meet, no matter how little. It’s the key to a happy life” and I’ve always tried to live like that. I showed kindness when I could and as often as I could.

I’d given a few stranger’s rides in my car when I felt it was safe, I’d driven a couple of accident victims to the nearest hospital, I offered advice when it was necessary and despite all this I can’t say my life has been a happy one. I however can’t say my life has been bad either, it has been fair, not very good but not terrible. Up until one day, the first time in my life that I decided to step outside that rule for a split second, karma came for me.

I was running late for work, I had an important pitch to make to a potential business partner, someone I had never even met, I was worried about making a good impression and Lagos traffic wasn’t helping matters. Infact, it seemed like the gods were against me as it started raining too. I was angry, frustrated, and all I wanted to do was punch somebody.

It was in this state of mind, that a car bumped into mine from behind and from the sound, there was an obvious dent. I could see fumes coming out of my head as I stormed out of my car angrily
“Are you mad? Are you absolutely out of your mind!”
I was screaming and saying more things, things that right now I can’t even recall but I’m pretty sure they were horrible and unkind. I could hear the woman trying to apologise but I needed to let off some steam, so I kept shouting at the top of my voice.

There was soon a crowd, and I finally managed to calm down.

“I’m really sorry, I had a lot on my mind and—” I heard the woman trying to explain

“It’s okay.” I said, entering into my car and speeding off. I felt bad for my actions but the thought of work soon filled my mind, pushing the guilt away

I’m sure by now you have a theory about who the woman was, and let me tell you, you’re absolutely and completely right. She was the representative of our potential business partner. Without her approval, our company loses money and I loose my job.

The moment she stepped into the office, my heart fell. I felt like I was watching a movie and I was the main star. Immediately she saw me, she scorned

“What are you doing here?”

Everybody’s eyes were on me and I bent my head. My life was over.

“Miss Wright, what seems to be the problem.” My boss asked her before turning to me “Do you guys know each other?”

He asked, smiling at me. To him, if I had some kind of personal relationship with this Miss Wright, then there would be a better chance at closing the deal.

“That wick—“

Just then a man entered the conference room. I immediately knew who he was. Everybody in Lagos knew who he was. He was Miss Wright’s boss. She immediately became tense

“Good afternoon sir. I wasn’t expecting you. I thought you sent me to come here since you had other things to do

“I know. I decided to come anyway.” He said casually, looking round the conference room. Then he saw me and stopped. It was over for me, Miss Wright had probably told him how rude I was to her


Again, everyone in to room turned to look at me, and the confusion on their face mirrored in mine.

“You’re Jessica Iyanya aren’t you?”

My head was spinning and I was getting more confused, then he smiled

“Ohh, I’m sure you don’t remember me. Miss Wright, this is the woman I told you about”
The lady seemed just as confused as me

“The accident last year. The one who rushed me to the hospital. It’s this lady”

There was a mixture of surprise and confusion in her eyes as she put two and two together

“Are you sure it’s her sir?”

“You work here?” He asked me, completely ignoring her question

“Yes she does. She’s one of our best employees sir”

My boss quickly answered on my behalf

“Then this meeting is unnecessary. I’ll sign the contract”

In the end, that single act of kindness, one I didn’t even remember, ruled out karma when it came back to bite me. My dad was right after all, because I married that CEO few years later and my life has been a happy one.

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