Life isn’t icecream

Life isn't icecream

The believer

Life isn’t icecream

But that doesn’t mean it should be bitter

Yes, there’s pain and no silver lining 

But things would get better

“How you know that? It’s maddening”

“Well, I don’t!” I say louder

I can’t possibly know how much you’re hurting

Or how you just get weaker

But there’s one thing I do know, it’s believing

Believing that you are stronger

The dreamer

Life isn’t icecream

It’s not smooth and sweet

It’s hard cruel and frightening

It can be tough as raw meat

I don’t have any advice that is brightening

Life hit me so hard I couldn’t get on my feet

I knew there was hope if I kept moving

But I was too scared of being beat

I had no idea what life had coming

But I was sure of one thing

I was going to keep dreaming


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