My grandma used to tell me stories of a time that once to existed in the human race. Unbelievable stories of a time when people could leave their homes without face masks or any form of protection gear.

Other adults speak of a time when a hug in a public place wasn’t a criminal offence, even more unbelievable is when they say the act was a normal form of human contact.

My grandma used to tell me that there was a time when contact with other humans wasn’t so dangerous, a time where the airports and train stations were crowded with people all at once.

She said there was a time when the streets weren’t empty, and people had other jobs that wasn’t farming, or health care. That there was a time when not everyone depended on the government for money.

She said there was something called a market. A place where people would go to buy stuff by themselves and not just have it delivered to their doorstep by heavily geared men.

When I sleep, I dream of these times. A time that used to exist but was finally wiped into oblivion. I wish I was born in these times. A time when I could go outside and breathe in fresh air without the risk of contacting the virus.

Stories of this time were so hard to believe that anyone who spoke about it were deemed IHHR (incapable of having human relations) and sent to a mental facility.That’s where my grandma died.

I believe her anyway, no matter how unbelievable these stories may sound. I believe that things weren’t always this bad. I believe that there was a time when billions of people roamed the earth and not just a few thousand like we have now. I believe in the time before the virus, a time when people made physical contact and didn’t die instantly.

Why do I chose to believe in Oblivion? Why chose to believe in a past that may or may not have existed. I believe because someone has to. I chose to believe so I can tell my children, and they would tell their own children. I believe because stories of these times give me hope, hope that one day we would fight this virus and the human race would finally be safe and return to the way things were.

A time before the virus wiped all forms of human contact into Oblivion.

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