One last time

One last time


Deeeply tanned skin
Colour of pure bronze
Thick protruding muscles
Strong as brick walls
Perfectly shaped Jaws
Sculpted by the creator himself
The moment I saw him
I saw no one else
Her eyes were mesmerising
The type one could easily get lost in
When she smiled
The ground beneath me opened
She walked with such grace
Her stride was intimidating
Every stroke of her body was magnificent
She was without flaw
The moment I saw her
I saw no one else


Our love was instant and undebatable
Our love was beautiful
Our love was perfect
It was nothing this world had ever seen
When we were together, the whole world disappeared
When we were together, our troubles ceased to exist
Nothing else mattered
Except one thing
The one thing that could change everything
The doctor declared it a curse
He said our love would produce abominations
Children doomed to a life a permanent sickness
He said the problem was with our blood
Our family said we couldn’t be together
The match makers must be cruel then
To create such an ill fated love


We became tears for each other
Love was our only crime
When we held on to each other
People around us got hurt
When we let go
We hurt even more
One last time
So one last time
Let’s kiss like never before
Let’s love each other like we’ll never love again
Because we just might not
Let’s forget the world around us
Hold each other like it’s just me and you
Even as tears roll down our cheeks
And our fragile hearts bleed
One last time
Let’s put ourselves before the needs of the world
Because I’m the sun, and you’re the moon
We can’t be seen together
I wish I were the sun and you the rain
Our love would have been as beautiful as a rainbow
One last time
Let’s act like our love won’t cause havoc

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