Stranger things

Stranger things

The government calls it social distancing
The extroverts call it hell
The introverts call it normal

The prophets say it’s a vision
My aunt says it’s village people
Believers say it’s the anti Christ

Conspiracy theorist believe it’s a biological weapon
Opportunist say it’s a strategy
Indaboski says it’s war

I call it strange
It’s a virus, but it’s a strange one

A virus capable of doing strange and stranger things

A virus that single handedly instigated a world wide holiday

A virus that instantly caused people to loose not only their jobs but also their lives

A virus that caused cheating spouses to be faithful

A virus that equates a handshake to a hug and a hug to intercourse

A strange virus

One capable of closing down schools after so many have tried

A virus that both unites and divides the world

Causes both war and peace

A virus that made unbelievers believers and vice versa

A virus that causes some to suffer and others to gain.

A strange virus

I’m not the government, neither I’m I a prophet, I’m definitely not indaboski, but I think they would all agree with me when I say we’re living in strange times and seeing stranger things

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