The accident

The accident

The whole world was spinning around James. There was this blinding light that shone directly into his eyes

“Someone please turn off the light” he said, his own voice sounding foreign to him

“Oh my God. Tomi, go and call the the doctor. Tell him to come fast, that your father might be waking up”

Doctor? Her father? Was he a father? Why was he—. James quickly realised that didn’t know the answer to those question, infact, he didn’t know anything, not even his own name.

His head was banging and he tried to seat up, but his hands seemed to be handcuffed to the bed.

“Jesus Christ, James are you okay? Can you hear me?”

“James. James? Is that my name?”

Before he knew what was happening, the crying woman flung herself against him, engulfing him in a tight hug

“I thought you were never going it wake up. God, I missed you”
After a few moments of more tears, the strange woman drew back and looked at him

“How are you feeling? Do you hurt anywhere?”

He gave her a confused look “And you are?”
Her eyes widened in shock as the doctor stepped in

“Doctor, something is, something is wrong—“

“It’s just as I feared Mrs Balogun, your husband suffers from trauma caused amnesia. He doesn’t remember anything”

James looked up. A lot of questions were flooding through his mind. He asked the most logical one

“What happened?”

The doctor and the strange woman exchanged looks, one that even though he had lost his memory, he knew it couldn’t be good news

“Can you give us a second doctor? And tell Tomi to come too”

The doctor nodded and exited the room. The strange woman turned to smile at him, a smile he found oddly comforting. She took his hand and fresh tears filled her eyes

“Well, I’m sure you can tell that I’m your wife and she…” She pointed at Tomi who had just entered the room “she’s your daughter”

“Hello daddy”

James felt a warmness in his heart when the little girl smiled at him, that he couldn’t help but return the smile.

“You were in an accident James, and you’ve been unconscious for almost six months?

“Six months!?” He asked alarmed

“Yes honey, six months”

“Where you guys in the accident with me too?”
He noticed both the womam and the little girl tense at his question.

“Tell me what happened?”

There was a sudden commotion outside his room door and the strange woman got up with so much alarm that she almost fell off her chair

“Listen to me, honey, whatever happens, whatever those men say, whatever they ask, you don’t rem—“

Ten armed police officers barged into the room at that moment

“Officers, please escort the young lady and her child out of the room please”, an ugly looking officer instructed and they both were taken out of the room.

The officer turned and scorned at James

“Young man, what’s your name?”

“Ugh, what’s going on, am I in some kind of trouble”

“Just answer the question sir”

“Um, James, my name is James I guess”

“And the woman and child that just left here, do you know who they are?”

“My wife and daughter? I’m not sure”

The police officer gave a smile that could be perfectly described as evil

“I guess the doctor lied about your memory loss then. Mr James Balogun, you’re under arrest”

“Under arrest? For what? Officers, what’s going on? I’m —“

“Don’t pretend to forget, you this stupid man. If you can remember your name, your wife and your child, you surely remember killing someone.”

“Killing… killing…what are you talking about? Where are you taking me?

“You were on your way to jail when the accident happened. I’m just taking you to where you belong”

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  1. My new resolve is to never try to anticipate the way any story goes, you always prove me wrong and that’s what makes your work distinct and so beautiful!!!

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