The broken promise

The  broken promise

Hello. My name is Ekaete and I have an evil step mother. While I would love to tell you my story, I’ll tell you my mum’s first and my story would come another time. I think you’d want to hear my mother’s story first, to give you better understanding of mine.

Ever watched the movie Acrimony? It’s a sad story about a woman who gave up all she had to support the man she loved. The same man that cheated on her and later married someone else. My mums story is similar to that, but in her story, she’s the bad guy.

My mum met my dad while they were in college. She was a beautiful and ambitious woman, two qualities that could both attract some and scare other men away. My dad fell in the first category. In his words “I was so mesmerised by her, that I would have fought the whole world just to get her to notice me. And this was after knowing her for just two minutes”.

I didn’t blame my dad though. I was a splitting image of my mother, my dad even said she was prettier than me when she was my age. Just so you know, on a scale of one to ten, I’m a fifty, and that’s probably understating it. My mum had everything a man would want in a woman, so imagine how lucky my dad felt when she chose him(still his words)

After few months of dating, my mum began to have some serious money issues and couldn’t continue paying for her University education. The second she mentioned it to my dad, he dropped out of University, got a job in a pharmacy and spent every single dime he earned on her.

She promised him that when she was done, she would get a job and sponsor him in University too, but my dad didn’t even want to continue school. He said that all he wanted to do was start a family with my mum and if she could promise him that, he would be the happiest man on Earth.

At this point, I began to wonder, how could my mum possibly break such a promise? All she had to do was finish her education and start a family. That was a normal thing to do. She was even lucky enough to have a husband waiting for her, but this story takes a really nasty turn.

My dad’s father was of course not in support of all this. They disagreed so much that his dad(my grandpa) disowned him. This development really broke his mother’s heart since my dad was not only the first born but the only boy in a family of seven girls. She had a heart attack which she eventually died from, leaving all her wealth in my dad’s name.

My dad told me that the only thing that got him through his mum’s death was my mother’s promise to him. He said that that single promise kept him going for years until my mum finished her University education. It was the promise of all promises.

After her University education, she convinced my dad to send her abroad for her Masters program. She promised to marry him immediately she got back. What was a one year wait when he had been waiting for almost five years already (my mum’s words). So he did. He sent her abroad for her Masters program but my mum didn’t return after one year, or two.

She sent me to my dad three years later, or more precisely, she told me we were going to get icecream and dumped me infront of my dad’s house with a little bag pack. My dad told me that the backpack contained an invitation to her wedding, paper work that proved she had a legal right to half of what my dad inherited from his mother which she was soon coming to claim, and a DNA test proving that I was his child.

I still wonder, even if my mum wanted to leave my dad, was the wedding invitation really necessary? And taking half of his inheritance? How did she pull that off?

My mum was evil, I won’t argue with that, but she was nothing compared to the woman my dad married later. You know how in the story books, the father is never aware of how the step-mother maltreats his daughter? Well, that isn’t the case with me. My dad is not only aware of the hell I face, but he encourages it. His way of punishing my mother. After each and every terrible day, he would pull me aside and tell me this story. He called it “The broken promise”

Before you start to pity me, you should probably wait to hear my story. I inherited my mother’s cruelty and in my story, I’m the bad guy too

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