The counsellor

The counsellor

Mr and Mrs Balogun had a very troubled marriage, mostly because Mrs Balogun was a very troubled person. Easily stressed, easily triggered, easily angered.

They would disagree about everything and anything. Who left left the remote on the chair, who splashed too much water on the ground while bathing and even who had the most stressful day.

About a year ago, Mr Balogun finally went to see a marriage counselor. After he explained their relationship before and after marriage, the counsellor concluded that their frequent problems where because his wife had lost her peace of mind. In the exact words of the counselor

“Once you’re able to pinpoint the reason she lost her peace of mind and find a solution to it, your marriage would see better days”

And that was exactly what he told his wife. They argued that night of course. Mrs Balogun definitely didn’t appreciate being called “a mad woman” as she interpreted it.

Their problems persisted till a few months ago. Mr Balogun got a promotion at work and Mrs Balogun finally agreed to pay a visit to her husband’s counsellor.

All of a sudden, Mrs Balogun was a peaceful wife. That day, Mr Balogun had returned home late. Instead of her usual nagging, she pulled him into a hug and told him to stop stressing himself so much. After offering him dinner, one which her refused for the fear of being poisoned, she gave him a goodnight kiss and slept with a smile on her face.

The next months were beautiful for the Baloguns. Mrs Balogun always smiling and looking content. She found every day beautiful and rarely got angry at her husband or anyone.

Mr Balogun called his counselor one evening

“What exactly did you tell my wife sir. I can barely even recognize her”

His counselor laughed “Nothing different from what I told you Mr Balogun. That she needed to find her peace of mind”

“Well, whatever that peace of mind is, I’m glad she found it. Thank you so much sir”

“No problem Mr Balogun. I’m just doing my job”

But Mr Balogun was too grateful. So the next day, he bought a nice Rolex wristwatch and took it to his counselors house personally. It was there he saw his wife, dressed in a white towel coming out of his counselors bedroom.

As he drove home, heartbroken and sad he realised a few things. First of all, his wife had lost her so called peace of mind when she married him, and she found it again, in his counsellors bed.

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