The irony

The irony

The word is very dynamic
It can mean anything at anytime
The word is also ironic
How it can be good and bad

Hope can be beautiful
Like waiting for a pregnant woman to deliver
Hope can be painful
Like waiting for someone to love you back or waiting for them to change

Hope can be selfless
Like wishing someone you love wins a competition
Hope can be selfish
Like wishing everyone fails so you can win

Hope can be confusing
Like praying the virus ends but also wishing the schools won’t resume
Hope can be amusing
Like anticipating a science experiment turns green or maybe even blows up

At one time, hope is all we have
At another, hope is the one thing we can’t afford
If you don’t hope, you have no reason to carry on
If you do hope, you have every reason to be disappointed

Hope helps us hold on
Hope encourages us to let go
You hold on to someone you love, hoping that things would get better
You let go of something you love, hoping to find something greater

Hope is a builder
Hope is a destroyer

Hope is a grinder
Hope is a moulder

Hope can be our friend
Hope can just as easily be our enemy
Hope can comfort us
Hope can just as easily confuse us

What do we do then?
Do we hope or not?

I don’t know the answer to that
But you can hope that hopefully you make the right choice
I sincerely hope you do

Yours faithfully, Hope

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  1. Hope can give courage to a weary heart but hope deferred can break a person to the bones and still leave them physically whole.

    Well done Biyi!

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