The river

The river

People say your life flashes before your eyes when you’re about to die, but for me, that wasn’t the case. I didn’t get memories of my childhood, or all the mistakes I made in my life, infact, I had just one memory. A memory from hours ago. My mum was telling me not to stay too long in in library and that she loved me. I guess I remembered because, not only was I lying about going to the library but I didn’t say it back. I didn’t tell my mum that I loved her too, and here I was, drowning in River Benue.

Earlier that day, my friends had convinced me to come on a picnic with them at river Benue, an outing  I knew my mum would not approve of. As a matter of fact, I was a bit sceptical about it too. It was no news on how many teenagers had drowned in the river. Even if it wasn’t by the river, a picnic with so many people isn’t something I would usually consider going to. Mostly because none of them where truly my friends, I didn’t even talk to them but I could do anything for Lawrence. I really liked him and we just started dating. I didn’t believe a guy like him would ever notice a girl like me, but here we were. And if going to a picnic with a bunch of people I didn’t know would make him happy, then why not?

When the picnic started, it was normal. Nothing crazy or bad, just a bunch of old friends catching up and sharing old memories. There was music, dancing and games, up until 6pm. Then I noticed more cars arriving, I tried to ask Lawrence what was going on but he hadn’t even been paying me attention all day.

Then they started truth or dare. A game that I didn’t want to join until Lawrence convinced me to. He said I shouldn’t be a fun spoiler and I should loosen up. So I did. I joined in the game and prayed to God that I wouldn’t be dared to do something crazy

The game had been going on for hours, every round getting more intense and crazy. I had seen Lawrence make out with three girls and take their tops off. I was getting really uncomfortable. Just when I was about to make an excuse and leave, the bottle fell on me.

“I dare you to swim for one minute in the river”

And I did, because Lawrence encouraged me to. He told me he believed in me and kissed me and then next thing I knew, I was jumping into river Benue and then I was drowning.

I heard them screaming my name and I tried to swim up, but my body was sinking. My lungs hurt from lack of air and my arms and legs hurt from all my efforts to stay above the water.

Then I saw the memory of my mum, then my body realised it was dying. I was going to die in the river and my mum was going to think that I’d been lying to her anytime I said I was going to the library, I would have a shameful burial and people would whisper about my wayward life for a long time. I saw black. Then I saw Lawrence. He was standing over me, relief obvious on his face. Then there was a loud sound, of my hand connecting with his cheek in a hot slap.
“It’s over between us. Don’t ever call me again”

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  1. It gets better every time! I was already feeling so terrible for her mum when the twist came and she survived😁

    1. Really excellent writing Biyi. I really enjoyed it. And Lawrence did deserve the slap 😅…

  2. Mttttccccchhhheeeeewwww He deserves that slap and more. This was such a lovely read ❤️❤️

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