The super power

The super power

Ten year old Gift came back home from school one afternoon crying. She would not talk to anybody except her father. She refused to eat and sulked in her room till he arrived later that evening. The second Mr Adojoh got back, he went to her room, cleaned her tears and gave her a tight hug

“What’s wrong baby girl. I heard you came back from school crying”

Gift sniffed into her father’s shirt

“It’s the girls from school. They won’t play with me unless I played a prank on Daniel”

“Daniel? You mean the quite boy in your class no one talks too”

Gift nodded and sat on the bed, her father taking a seat beside her.

“Tell me all about it”

“Well you know how Nneoma is the most popular girl in my class. I asked if I could hang out with her and her crew and they agreed. Today, when I went to seat beside them at lunch, they said I had to prank Daniel first, that if I didn’t I couldn’t be their friend”

“And you refused?” Mr Adojoh asked smiling, pride swelling in his heart. Gift sniffed again and continued

“I couldn’t. I know everyone thinks Daniel is a freak but he’s a nice guy. He doesn’t deserve to be mistreated. No one does”

“So baby girl, what’s the problem?”

Fresh tears gathered in Gifts eyes and her father lifted her into his laps

“I really want to be like Nneoma. I want to be cool and popular too” she cried burying her face in her father’s chest. He patted her gently on her back

“If you could do anything right now, something extraordinary, something that no on else could do, what would that be?” He asked her after a while.

“You mean, like a superpower?”

“Yes. Like a superpower”

She sat up, excitement filling her little eyes


“Aeroplane’s can already do that” he replied

“Super speed”

“We have cars”

“Errm. Super strength”

“Bulldozers already have that”

She pouted, her look of excitement dying

“Come on baby girl, keep trying”

Gift thought for a while and tried to be more creative

“Invisibility. No machine can be invisible”

“Introvert are invisible all the time” he laughed

She was quite again, thinking harder, her eyes lighting up whenever she got an idea

“Shape shifting”

“Your mum has makeup for that” Her father laughed. “One more try baby. Think very hard about it”

“Healing?” She said. He smiled

“I’m sure you already know the answer to that. Your mum is a doctor”

“So what is it daddy? What’s the ultimate super power?”

“Flight, strength, speed, invisibility, and very soon, even time travel, are all possible. Machines can be made to replace them. So very soon, they won’t be considered super powers anymore. But there is one thing that cannot be replaced, no matter the technology or science and that’s you.”


“Yes baby girl. There’s only one of you in the whole world. Nothing can change that. So the ultimate super power is being yourself. It’s the one thing you can be that no one else can”

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