True Happiness

True Happiness

One day my friend asked me what true happiness meant to me. Without too much thought I told her

“When I’m having fun with my friends and family and have no work to do”

She simply shook her head. She said I was too quick to answer. That the question required deep thinking and when I found the answer,I should tell her. I asked her what true happiness felt like so that when I experienced it I would know

She went further to explain. She said

“What is that moment that you’re truly content? When you’re so happy that nothing else in the world matters. What is that time in your life that you feel so at peace that nothing can make you angry or sad. You’re just happy. Truly and utterly happy.”

And for weeks I thought about the question.I asked everyone around me what true happiness meant to them. My mum said she was truly happy when we were around her. My sister said she was truly happy anytime she was baking. As time passed, I began to think less and less about the question. I was sure that being with my friends and family made me truly happy and that was my true happiness.

But today, the answer hit me. It came unexpectedly and as a surprise, just as my friend had told me.

I was sitting at Star shawarma, the new eatery that opened across my street. I was angry that my mum had scolded me earlier that morning and I was in a pretty bad mood.

Then I saw him. He was making his was toward me like a bright light in a dark tunnel. Like ice under fire, my anger melted away. There was a skip in the regular beating of my heart and butterflies filled my tummy.

Since Star shawarma opened, my friends had been telling me about him. The way they described his looks, the effect he had on them, even the way he smelled. I thought that somehow they were exaggerating. No one could be that good-looking. But what I was seeing, paled in comparisom to the testimonies my friends gave.

The first thing I noticed where his flaws. The uneven tone of his skin, the way the black nylon clothe that wrapped him didn’t cover his body well, even with all that, I couldn’t wait to have him in my hands. He was perfect.

I didn’t wait for him to reach me, I stood up and made my way toward him. Any form of female pride I had was flushed down the toilet. I needed him.
By the time I had him in my arms, by the time I bit into his lip, as his deliciousness filled my mouth, I realised it. Exactly as my friend described. I was truly content, nothing else in the world mattered. I was at peace. I was truly and utterly happy.

So I called her.

” I know what true happiness is now”

She laughed

“What is it?”

“Freshly made shawarma from Star shawarma” I replied

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