Abstract art, can anyone do it?


What do we know about abstract art, does it have any meaning, does it represent something, is it art or would it be “something a child could do”?

 Abstract art continues to be one more way of expressing ourselves such as pointillism, realism, and collage. Perhaps it is one of the least tolerated expressions because it is generally aimed at a public with a very open mind and without prejudice, even so, he who is destined to get along with him finally falls in love with this artistic expression.

 As we have said in the introduction, abstract art is a very characteristic artistic expression.  In this type of art, we generally do not see objects or things represented, but it is usually a set of splashes, lines, curves, and varied colors. since it does not intend to represent reality, but rather show us the artist’s point of view, which one could say is “another intangible reality”, the expression of what the artist wants to say.  Abstract art could exist without a tangible reality, and yet it would continue to have its meaning, even if many never find it.

 We can find different varieties of abstract art.  Among them, we find: expressive abstract art

 This type of art is a total representation of the artist’s mind.  The only referents in these works would be the artist’s own and “non-transferable” experiences, and I say non-transferable in quotation marks because precisely abstract art becomes an escape route to be able to see those experiences and feelings represented.  The work is original, spontaneous, and CREATES a feeling for the viewer as a purpose. representational abstract art. It would be the one that, although at first glance it is not indecipherable and that seems to us that it does not represent anything at all, carries a hidden message behind it.  In this case, something is represented, resulting at the same time abstract and objective since, for example, in a work in which the artist wanted to represent a table, even though the viewer is not able to see that table represented, nor in the form of the folio, does not mean that this work does not represent a table.

 To quickly and easily define the concept of abstract art, I would like you to put yourself in the shoes of a two-year-old child who is not yet capable of representing what he sees.  They represent what they see and feel from their point of view.

 The children, from their reality, perhaps draw a work in which there is a very large blue stain and a yellow color around it;  For the vast majority of adults, that two-color sheet would mean nothing more than that, a sheet painted yellow and blue, although if you ask the child he will tell you that it is a beach!.

The wonderful children again teach us a lesson, a mind that is completely free and without prejudice can represent its idea from its point of view, which makes that work much more authentic. Adults lose the freedom of artistic expression very easily.  For this reason, this week I propose two exercises to promote the ease of your creative mind and at the same time set aside some of those barriers that prevent us from being more daring in the face of art:

A very practical exercise is to draw what we hear.  You can play a song in the background and as you listen to it, you can draw what makes you feel.  For this exercise, I recommend that they be songs without lyrics since otherwise, we would tend to be influenced by what the song says.

 And as a second exercise, and this is one of my favorites, I suggest that you do a complete work blindfolded.  Think of an idea, a feeling, a moment. cover your eyes and draw what you see in your mind.  The result may pleasantly surprise you!

 Thank you so much, I am looking forward to us being open to the work of abstract art.

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