Love Confess


I am enamored,
Can’t get you away from my thought,

I fill lovish,
With you, my mind is nourished,

The attraction, I don’t know,
All I know is with you I want to grow,

“You like because and you love despite,”
No reason to like, but despite, I love,

I want to be your shoulder to rest on,
Your shoulder to hold your cloth on,

Let me be the soldier to combat your fight,
I want to hold you with all my might,

I don’t need to be the source of your happiness,
But I want to be the person that will protect you from sadness and loneliness,

I want to be there during the ups and down,
If you will be within my arms and abs while I be your crown,

If love is truly about sacrifice,
I really want to pay the price,

Ain’t promising perfectness,
But true friendship with perfect picture.



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