DEPRESSION makes you feel like a ghost
But you’re not quite dead
At least not physically

Your soul is somehow trapped in a dark space
But even that is an illusion
Cause you really are just trapped in your own shadow

Your mind is full of scary voices
But they are not even demons screaming in your head
It’s just your own voice tormenting yourself in whispers

Makes you feel with loneliness comes freedom
But you’re not quite free
At least not mentally
Everyday you’re hunted by the thoughts of being unable to reach the ones you love for fear that they’ll drown in your misery too

Your real emotions and struggles become invincible
Making it hard for people to see you drowning
But maybe if you meet other ghosts like yourself, maybe they would understand the torments that comes from what you’ve done and haven’t done.
But I bet these other ghosts will exist only in your head too
And that’s depressing as hell

Welcome to my mfing world!

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