I  think about you everyday

But for some reason today is heavier than most

Are you maybe thinking about me too?

I miss you so much it hurts

I wish I had more pictures of you; more pictures of us

Still, I know if I had all the pictures in the world, it still won’t compare to having you close

I wish the memories did not seem so fleeting too

I’m scared of forgetting you even though I know I could never

Still, as much as I want the memories forever, I can only hold on to them for as long as time permits


Are you at peace?

I don’t want you troubled because my heart is still grieving

You know I’m trying really hard to be myself again

And I know you keep asking God to strengthen me

But the process is difficult, so, be patient with me

I promise to fight till I can think about you and not be overwhelmed by sadness….

Till I can think about you and not feel guilty about “moving on”

I love you.

Forever, R. For life



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