Abecedarian poem


A long time ago

Before time came into view

Centuries before civilization

Decades and milenias it was

Earth witnessed the sweat of their struggle

Fate brought them though gods to their knees

Gods clothes in mortals wear

Hail the black man ye peasant

Imprisoned , enslaved and cursed

Judged condemned and extorted

Lynched abused and dehumanized

Maimed and butchered

Name his debts now masters

Open the books and tell me

Print it in ink of blood and sweat

Queens man do well to tell me

Ring the bells and call to remembrance

Say to me now the black man’s offence

Tell me the course for the curse

Under the scotching sun he toiled

Vulnerable women abused and dehumanized

What did his maimed children did

X ray his broken femur and ribs

Yes, the bones broken by your cruel whips

Zenith of gods work brought to his knees, tell me what did the black man did ?





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