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As I was getting prepared to start the horror movie I chose (although I had this sickly feeling within me), I grabbed the bucket of popcorn, got settled and pressed the play button on the remote control. My eyes were intently glued onto the television screen when I heard a creak.

My heart immediately jumped to my mouth as different thoughts raced through my mind.I was still feeling uncomfortable when I began to laugh….

“Oh goodness gracious, Tamara how could you be so silly?” I said hitting my forehead with my palm and shook my head still laughing. I tried balancing myself to concentrate on the movie,and just when the door was about to open in the movie which was creating a lot of suspense, I heard the creak again. This time around a little louder.

I jerked out of the comfy cushion, shaking as some leaves falling from a tree.

“I knew I shouldn’t have seen this movie alone at this odd hour” I said looking pale all of a sudden. I summoned the courage to move towards the sound of the creak, I was so scared my bowels started rumbling for an immediate exercise.

“Tamara you call the shots here, remember? T-shots” I started hailing myself. I mean, if I wasn’t in such a situation, I could have passed for a wonderful motivational speaker.

I moved closer and closer and closer then I heard the cream from the movie.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I found myself screaming too when I heard the scream and saw a spider, (I ain’t scared of spiders mind you, na situation make crayfish bend).

Just when I got to the place where the creak was coming from, I saw a silhouette of a man and he was holding something that looked like a saw, I guess.

I started backing off, hairs on my body standing up like as though they wanted to run for their lives leaving me behind, and just then I saw a hand as big as that of hulk ready to open the door.

Right there I started shivering, I almost collapsed when the hand opened my the door and in came Mark, looking tired and worn out. 



“Hey Tamara” he was still trying to lock the door when he greeted me but on turning around to look at me, he was bewildered.

“What the heck is wrong with you?” He asked while he rushed to help me because I was as stiff as the rock when he came to me.

“You sure look like some zombie, did you see a ghost?” He asked as he led me to the sitting room and rushed to the kitchen to get me a glass of water. I drank the whole glass and later found my voice to speak.

“…ma…Mark you sc…ar…ed the out o….f me” I said still catching my breath.

He only smiled and told me to relax which I was still finding hard to do.

“How did you get the keys to my lock?” I still asked looking rather scared, suppressing whatsoever thoughts crawling into my head and the only thing he did was just smile. 

“Did you sincerely forget about the fact that you gave me your spare keys?” He asked me still putting up that smile that made me feel a little confused if I could trust him or just jump over to where the phone was and dial the number that could save me, ( wait a minute did I just put my only trust of survival with the police, those slimy set of …. Never mind)

” Ohh… So you mean I gave you my spare keys?” I asked back and he gave me that same reassuring smile, and this time around I just found my worrisome self melt away to the other side. Wondering who Mark is already? Well, Mark is my buddy or rather padi as we always say, a colleague at work and one guy I definitely crushed hard on (and to tell you the truth, I still crush on him). We met ourselves way back before working together. 

The typical story where a guy meets a girl and then they connect and later get to become best of friends, yeah? But mine wasn’t that way, I met him at a colourful event, we stood side by side and I mistakenly stepped on him or hedid step on me… A little fuzzy there (laughs) we got to talk and knew our names but never shared contacts and we parted ways. I could not bring myself to forget the kind of person he was, his physique, his smile and gosh those beautiful eyes but I had to forget it until the day he showed up at my place of work and I couldn’t contain my excitement. We worked on few projects together and that was what kick started our beautiful relationship together. 

A loud screech bursted forth and jolted me back from my thoughts, I jumped out of my skin and guess who caught me? Mark! How romantic, isn’t it? Always made my day.

“Are you sure you are good?” Mark asked as he looked me all over again.

” Yes I am.” I said as I walked towards the living room. “Why did you come here?” I asked as I settled into my seat, he also sitting beside me. I clutched my popcorn bowl to my chest as I glued my eyes to the television set.

“Well, I came to drop the file works and help finalize the details on the pictures we were editing earlier.” He said as he dipped his hands into my popcorn (MY POPCORN, WHAT AUDACITY). I smiled after he said his reasons but also I was trying to understand why he didn’t come earlier than now.

Just as I was still lost in my thoughts, the next scream from the movie came rushing into my earlobes. I jumped a little and realized I had a visitor, so I had to compose but when I turned to see if he saw my reaction, he was not sitting beside me. How did he leave without me knowing?, I asked as I was contemplating if I should sit or go in search of him. I began to move slowly and then I heard weird sounds from the kitchen; scary crunching sounds and slurpy ones. I braced myself for the worst to behold.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!” The shriek was so loud as I bumped into him. 

“What is the matter, Tammy?” Mark asked as he tried to stabilize me.

“What are you doing in the kitchen?” I asked as I tried to breathe.

“I was trying to make you dinner because I knew you would take only popcorn.” He said as he raised an eyebrow.

“I’m so sorry, I guess watching this movie is really putting me on the chilly spot.” I said as I smiled at my stupidity.

Mark was laughing hard as he pulled me into a hug. Indeed, one hell of a chilly night.


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