The story of my life begins with just one hit. Gbam! and I was born prematurely. My mother was rushed to the hospital fighting and clinging for her life with me in the womb. The abusive father waggling behind like an innocent confused man. He had earlier been warned not to hit his wife but he did so consistently at every given opportunity. One would not have expected that from given that he was a doctor. The one who should try to save lives is constantly trying to end one.
Gbam! It was as if I could hear the sound of the hit. It was as if I could hear her landing first on her tummy before tumbling down the stairs but I could not. I could only imagine the sound and how it happened when my aunt (the sister to my mother) who also is my guardian told me the story of my mother’s death.
Yes! My mother died during childbirth (let’s just call it that). I call it pulling out. I was literally pulled out of a dying woman’s womb (through caesarean section) just few minutes before she gave up the ghost. They called me a miracle child. I was never supposed to last even one hour after birth. Even when I was rushed to the ventilator, different kinds of needles being pressed to my body to give me the different nutrients and I need to be strong as a child who was born at the “right time”, the doctor proclaimed to my aunt and father after breaking the bad news of my mother’s death that I too might not survive the next three days.
Three days turned into two weeks, two weeks turned into four weeks. After the fourth week, I was miraculously healthy. My heart rate was normal; my vitals were good. Everything in me was perfectly healthy. My aunt attributed it to the fact that she embarked on 14 days of fasting and prayer on the mountain but I think my mother talked to God on my behalf to keep me alive.
At some point in my life, I thought I survived the ordeal to kill my father but then after killing him, I will be caught and put in Jail thereby destroying my life and career because of a wicked and scornful man.
I do not live with my dad; I have never lived with my dad. My aunt fought for custody and won after her very good lawyer was able to prove how incompetent he was going to be as a father. He is currently spending 20 years in a maximum security prison after confessing to manslaughter. His conscience crippled him, he was already sacked as a doctor after news broke on social media and various news outlet that he was the main suspect in the case and that he was a man that took out his anger and frustration on a woman by beating her to a pulp which resulted in her losing her life and almost losing her child. His whole life was entirely destroyed. He is now in a cage like the beast that he is. Isn’t God wonderful?

NB: This is not in anyway a true story. Any relation to true life events is purely coincidental and not intended.

Pelumi King

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