(Intro: slow music)
Gorgeous, can I have a dance with you?
Give me your hand, let me walk you to the dance floor,
I promise I won’t let you fall.
Easy, easy, take your steps lightly.
Trust me, hold unto me like a new born baby,
You are more than a precious gift.
Rest your head on my chest and listen to my heartbeat,
Close your eyes and move to its rhythm,
Let it take us into a paradise of our own,
With one heart, we can dance to every tunes.
One heart will perfect our dance.
There is no need for a field to rehearse our movement.
Music is life but you are the reason for my breath.
My lady, give me your hand while I take the lead.

Allow me to sing you a song,
DO – Do you know I appreciate you, not just your beauty?
RE – Release your heart to me,
MI – Miss, can I take you down the aisle?
FA – Far away away from the world so wild.
SO – So, would you give me a chance?
LA – Laugh all you can, I would be there to watch you smile.
TI – Till death do us apart.
DO – Do I need to recite it again?
DO – RE – MI – FA – SO – LA – TI – DO

(Verse: Music goes faster)
Wow, I just put my words into music,
Be my lyrics and I will be your song.
Be my muse and I will be your blues.
Turn around; there you will see me,
Jump into the air, I will be right there to catch you,
Let me be the key to your heart,
I want to be that man you desire,
Together we shall build a palace and tell the whole world about us.
I found a Queen, I found mine!
I found a woman, I found my rib!
I found my lady, I found my treasure!!!
We need no manuscript to teach us the lines,
Throw away the manuscript and let’s follow the lead of our hearts,
Take the step, jump in the air, twist and turn.

Lovely steps you’ve got there,
See how we made it, you are indeed a gem.
We can dance everyday without getting exhausted,
We would flavour every morning with rhymes,
We will sweeten the afternoon with cool songs,
And as for the night, it will just be you and I.

I promise, I won’t let you walk on stones,
You will walk and ride on musical notes,
Do I need to tell you, you are everything I need,
For every minute, only you make me breathe,
Give me your hands and trust in me your heart,
I won’t break it, I will make it my best part.
If only you would hold unto me forever,
With God, no man will put asunder.

(Outro: Fast tempo)
Come closer,
Let’s dance in love,
Let’s keep the love burning like there is no tomorrow,
Be my queen and I will be your king,
Feel free to be my heart robber,
And I will be your FBI,
You will be on the race with my heart,
And I will be on the chase for you,
When I catch you,
I need no cuffs on your hands,
I will wrap my whole world around you and arrest you in my Paradise,
Finally, we shall take the vow,
And together we will become one.

Written and composed: Oke Oluwaseun

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