I can’t hide the joy it gives,
Always in my home to receive him from Rome,
Click! Click! camera shutters.
Mama, Papa this is the most beautiful celebration of the year!!!
I really can’t wait to sing the song.
When are you arriving, Santa?
© Oluwaseun

I still can’t believe the speed of your charity,
Or how you barge in and out unnoticed,
No matter the size of our wishes,
It still passes with you; in front of our doors.
Or else the cookies wouldn’t be missing.
Indeed your work is amazing.
© O’Ben

Oh Santa, can I get a black panther?
Don’t keep me waiting!
Not even a sleep on the 25th of December.
My Xmas shoe will dance before men,
Tell mama I am not too old to celebrate.
For it is the best double celebration ever!!!
© Oluwaseun

I know I’m not on the naughty list,
So please let my wishes be,
Let it snow on Christmas Eve,
That I may feel the Christmas Spirit,
Oh Santa! please Santa!! please!!!
Let this Christmas be amazing.
© O’Ben

Oh good news! the day is here,
Unto us a King is born today,
Santa Claus where is thy bag?
Gift me all that I need.
A bear hug will make my day,
Santa Santa, can I be your daughter daughter?
© Oluwaseun

Ho ho ho!! Another good year indeed,
For the spirit of Christmas is truly exceptional,
And to all of you who still have faith in the season
Not to worry because Santa got you covered.
A Merry Christmas to you all,
And a jolly Happy New Year.
© O’Ben

Written and composed:
Oluwaseun Oke (Oluwaseun)


Omodot Ben (O’Ben) @2020.

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