Settle our piece

Settle our piece


I remember how we met,
We didn’t play Cupid, we found love!
You held my hand and we walked down the aisle.
We stood before God and man,
And promised to be together forever.
We kissed and we became one.

My darkness was once lighted by the fire of your love,
Pervading all sort of blindness as we wholly in togetherness,
Like the sun and the sky was our relationship,
Can’t let go of the fantasies we all shared with our love.
You’re the best ever seen and felt for.

What has happened to us?

Maybe a beast feasting on our table of love.

The silence of the heart could tell,
Romeo, you have traded your Juliet!!!
Hatred, hurt… is what you give me.
I live in tears because you crave in me fear.
You are no longer the man I used to know!

I won’t be duplicitous by your bluffing,
How much longer do you think I’ll survive your cruel words.
You piss me off day and night.
Flattering my humble love in naughtiness.
I love you but you hate in charity.

What am I going to do if there is no more you?
Forgive my wrong, I miss you.
I ain’t perfect, heal my imperfection.
Pull me close and save  my breath,
Look into my heart, all you will find is you and I.
On my wishlist, I want you to be my everyday wish.

With heavy sigh, I also cry for mercy,
Your words pierce my heart,
I’ve let go of all the evil days that befell our love,
The pink colour of your cheeks I want to touch with my lips.
Can’t wait to see the smiles betwixt your gap tooth.
Joy embrace my heart as I put on our paradise of love again.

Written and composed by:

Oluwaseun Yehlow Oke (© Oluwaseun)
Wale Fidel (©_TheHolyPoet) @2020

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