A Voyage around my bedroom

A Voyage around my bedroom

Sudden sound of wallowing piano drew me closer

With the mysterious interference of drums 

In thy alertness never to get in bar

Oh father of rocks and mountain

Unveil my way so might i go 

Unafraid, unamused and not obstructed 

Flying like an eagle made me safe

Succeeding blows of thunders

Point of call, screaming loud

I have explored intoto 

And found it so wide and complicating 

But still simple to still

In thy search I found a tool but never a pace setter

Never to breath in an out but compel what i am make of 

Being a tool, A square tool with influence on it user 

Slips like okro, breaks and regroup at random

A Mississippi of all Mississippi

Of Atlantic merged with Pacific 

A beautiful flower delicate but dangerous

For years I toiled 

All has been mere vanity

Rolling and riding on the soft grip of thy foam 

Under the temperate warmness of my four corner 





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