Three hero of my youth

Three hero of my youth

Hero of my youth


Alas adolescent comes full of pride

For hands are spread like wings

Soaring north to south

Though no squad but mirror reflect thee

Governin’ thy reality, rule in thy happiness

Nd lead my ambition


Conscience is one, without it nothin

The book of life injected with red ink

Conscience outgrown like a sun

Exposing the searches clouds  

Are thou the Failure, you mock? 

Conscience whispers


Melody comes with a refreshing taste

Takin the long way

Unifying thy simple body with glimpse of upliftment

Involving comic and aspirational deeds

A bruise from head

Am I the In dependent summit?


And a weak giant

Everyday stagger and starve

In the midst of loamy ocean

Flowing in every direction, no direction

Higher expectation grew

Inner satisfaction dangled


Ah! The true hero in finis 


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