Here I go again

Trying to write my problems awayt

They’retechnically not “problems”

Because I’m a teen. What do I have to worry about? 

Ahah I don’t even have friends

Or maybe I just think the worst about everyone

I long companionship. I feel lonely in the midst of my “friends”

I want someone that totally understands me

I’m not perfect of course. I wouldn’t even be friends with me. 

But I know there’s at least one person

Who will understand me and make me feel loved

I don’t even love me

But I know me deserves some love

Ahah here we go again 

But of course I have to be there for them

Listen to them when they’re down

And make them feel better

I’m the clown

The joke, me

The one with the wierd and funny problems

The one from the broken home, me 

The one with enemy parents, me 

The one with no best friend, me

The one with the overly chubby cheeks, me

The not exactly pretty one, me

The one with zero socializing skills, me

The “happily” lonely one. Me.




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