Ayo was home
But Bode wasn’t there
Crying heavily, she sat down
Day by day, it had become her regular habit
Everyone knew about it now
Foolish girl, that’s what they called her behind her back
Get up and leave him
Home isn’t the same for you anymore
I would hear them say to her

Justice must be served
Killing him isn’t a bad idea either
Loving him has killed her inside
Marriage to him had buried her completely
Nine good years, Nine good years
Of her life wasted with a bastard
Pain is inevitable

Quietly, I bent down to hold her in my arms
Remi, you are a fool
See you simping over a woman
That is still in love with the bastard that maltreated her
Understanding was what I was trying to be for her
Victory was very nigh
Winning the girl should be easy now
X-mas was almost here
Yet it felt so far, however
Zealous is my middle name, for I shall not give up


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