A Long Walk To Freedom

A Long Walk To Freedom

Nothing seemed to be working well;
The air conditioning rumbled along like a rambling drum;
Nothing seemed to be working right;
Nothing seemed to be properly fixed;
Tall trays of metal shelves arranged in disarray;
Officers lounging and slouching on corridors;
Meetings scheduled at canteens and stairways;
Appointments canceled at will and whims;
Gossips rushing like water;
Banters flowing like the wind;
The tall metal shelves, I heard, were structured to accommodate the sewn out pages of dilapidated books;
Rickety chairs arrayed in their splendor;
A few nicely smelling books permeated the atmosphere;
The ceiling they made looked more like the carpet in my late grandmother’s room;
Files stashed on tables for the appearance of a busy schedule;
The look of the files drew away rodents;
Nothing seemed to be working well, for it is the government quarters.
[Part 1]

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