Pronounce the word “aburrimiento” (that’s it! Correct), the word may sound or look unfamiliar to you, except if you are fluent in Spanish of course. Although you might think you are coming across this word for the very first time, No! I bet you must have used it in a conversation today.
The word boredom has been over flogged this lockdown. I suppose it has been overly used in diverse conversations across different social media platforms. A shift in our supposed routine of life or should suppose that a deviation from our typical set of activities has led to boredom. From the hustle and bustle of heading to work, to the ever increasing stress of coping with day to day task to getting home late from work as a result of the horrendous traffic. Of course, we would admit to the fact that we do get bored during our regular days. While some might be doing just enough to combat the uprising of this phenomenon, others might just be winging it.
My goal isn’t to help you find solutions to whatever degree of “aburrimento” (remember the pronunciation, yea that’s it!) you might find yourself in. I want to point you to the fact that even before there was a lockdown; some folks have been severely knocked down by boredom. By boredom I do not mean that they don’t have jobs or that they don’t have worthwhile things to do with their time. You’ll find out soon enough.
Mr. Sam, my world-class barber and I were conversing about the book “The Jewish Phenomenon” by Steven Silbiger. This book illustrates the keys to the wealth of a great people(the Jew) in seven crucial steps. The Jews although little, are giants in diverse fields in American and beyond. The Jews make up only 2% of the total US population, yet 45% of the top 40 of the Forbes 400 richest Americans are Jewish.One-third of American Multimillionaires are Jewish,20% of professors at leading universities are Jewish, as a matter of fact 25% of all American Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. At a point I was almost tired of reading the book, because their Success story was overwhelming.
As we discussed in the sweet smelling air-conditioned barbershop, I pointed out the fact that most Jewish Children were unhappy with their Career choices of Medicine and Law, as it was seen evidently that was the career choices Jews pursued the most. Mr. Sam then explained that some of them were so fixated on their jobs that they had nothing to do with any other thing. They had no fun Sports, no other engagements, no time to flex and chillax. Just imagine a Professor just waking up everyday of his life to make research and learn new bogus grammar, just like some of us wake up everyday; eat, sleep, press our mobile phone and repeat the whole process over and over . Eventually we get bored of this routine sooner rather than later, same as the Professor.
I hope somebody reading this is not like the Professor I cited. Don’t get in the tight corner of boredom, don’t miss out on Life, Have something you do to relax; participate in fun sports, dedicate time to flex and Chillax(yea!),yea Yoga! Seems good too.

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