What do you think of when you come across the word “believer”? Do you guess it is a firm follower of a belief, a system, a theory, or an ideology? Or is your opinion like mine that the term is used for Christ-likes?. By that I mean Christians. Christians are adherent to Christianity; an Abrahamic Monotheistic religion that is based on the Life and teachings of Jesus. It might interest you to know that Christians occupy about one-third of the Earth’s population and Catholics hold half of that Christian occupancy. Catholics Priests are chaste and are expected to be celibates.

Father Dante (Catholic priest are addressed as ” Father”) is a revered Priest amidst his community, his style of teaching, his modest way of life, and his humility was something people around him yearned for.
Who would have thought with all of the great attributes ‘Father’ possessed accompanied with his fervor for priestly duties (which included anchoring confessions of Saints), Father still had a story untold, a confession he couldn’t make, a penultimate cockroach lying in his cupboard ?. I guess you wouldn’t have thought that wide.

Been a Priest had always been Dante’s dream since he could identify what a cassock was, but his heart was filled with skepticism. He then asked God for a Sign, unfortunately, he got none until he had advanced with life.
He had a job, he could afford whatever he wanted, he had Rose his beloved, Life was generally playing to his tune.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, Dante had made arrangements to propose to Rose, when the “sign” he had long expected for arrived. God had lent down his hands to Dante. What would have been an exciting event leaving Rose to declare a resounding “Yes” in affirmation to Dante’s proposal, left Dante waving goodbye to his sweetheart.

Fast forward 25years later, Father Dante had just been elected Archbishop. Amidst those cheering emerged a young lad who was a mirror of Father Dante’s young self whispering into the newly elected Archbishop ears “Congratulations Dad”.
Aghast and in total shock, Father summoned his element of Surprise behind close doors. He inquired of him, and to Father’s greatest Surprise his Cockroach was revealed; He had left Rose pregnant long ago and of course He is a Father indeed.

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