Remember how yoruba natives would say “Àjò ò dabí ilé”( there is no place like home literally). You would agree reverse seems the case now as we seem a little tired of staying indoors. Although staying home might be the only boat left to ply in this era.

The sobriety of this era has left you thinking of an escapade. You have forgotten quickly how you would always want to enjoy the solace of your room, how you would love to write till your ink bleeds out while enjoying cold soda.

Should I remind you of that state of nothing less you enjoy when no one is watching where you would try out your favorite dance moves you had dared not tried in front of your friends (lol). How you would try out mundane combination of foods like drinking tea with groundnut in it or literally drinking ketchup before eating fries,do you need reminders? . Do your friends know you still dip bread into tea before eating the marsh bread? Of course you were the only audience of these insane occurrences.

I know you would reckon with how you would convert the living room to a studio and record yourself making acapellas and singing the sweetest of melodies. After which you would turn the studio into a game Center and savour the taste of your favourite game through ferocious movement of your fingers on the game console. And on days when power supply is in abundance, the game center is then metamorphosed into a Cinema ;you would then enjoy movies till the morrow.
The Movie place eventually becomes an eatery where you would laugh with your family over a plate of Jollof.

You know toilets don’t house just water closet, taps and tile. Amazingly they house insane levels of internet speed. Don’t forget so soon how you would spend hours glued to the WC (water closet) seat chatting intimately with your friends or how you would creep in to download that file you have been having trouble downloading.

  • I must have omitted other great experiences you have had staying indoor or should I rephrase “staying at home”, you might seem a little overburdened by it lately because too much of a thing is really bad and of course the law of diminishing returns is playing it’s course. But there is a monster out there(remind me of it again…yes!) that wants us to enjoy these experiences over and over by keeping us indoors. So while you stay at home ; do, do again, rinse and repeat those magical moments.

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  1. This is so beautiful. It’s very creative and real. It’s a reflection of our experiences during this lockdown! Well done.

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