Nineteen on the Nineteenth



O what a breath of fresh air! Life is really like a blade of grass. Time flies. I remember, years ago, I would lay on the family’s three-seat couch, earnestly wondering when I would grow as tall as fitting the whole thing from one end to the other. I also always wondered when I would be able to sit up straight comfortably with my legs touching the floor effortlessly, not dangling somewhere mid-air. Why I used this as a measure of my growth seems ridiculous now and to think I did do the “chair thing” on a weekly basis (haq). The catch is this, I was not aware when these measures were met. They just happened. Time flies. It’s like watching boiling rice, one moment you’re with the pot and it seems like it’s going to take forever before the water dries up, you decide to just check new updates online and fiam you have them burnt offerings. One moment stretching to fit, the next over-fitting the area. One moment trying to occupy space, the next looking for more –for the legs. When do all these change happen – the height, the weight, the fullness, the growth?

Hence, the most important lesson I have learnt from previous years is to always be in the now, in the moment. Always be in your now. Live in the moment. Now is what defines the future we are so much in a mental rush to meet. Now is what fixates the past we often dwell in and lean on for memories. So, more than anything, invest in the you, you are now and in the time you’ve got now. It is all that’s certain. All we have, and will ever will.
It’s that time of the year again! I get to be the center of attention (lol); the calls, the gifts, the prayers, the excitement of it all. I love it and I cherish everyone who has contributed to my growth and those still on it. I count my blessings well and I count you all. Obrigado, merci, esé, salamat, namaste and a thousand other languages thank you’s. I don’t have it all figured out yet I cannot wait to delve into the promising brightness of this year, while of course focusing on just today; in my now, in this moment.

And like I read somewhere, I hope this year be filled with laughter, less tears and goosebumps. Let’s have this romance.

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  1. You know what they say ” don’t grow up, it’s a trap” there might be some truth in it. Growing up presents a myriad of adventures, and you my dearest will be a conqueror over all. Cheers Sis

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