Wisdom in A Year (April Edition)


Hello, everyone. Whoosh! That’s the sound of April zooming along and never coming back.

A happy new month is all I can say because this is a very important part of the year, where everyone tries to fulfill everything they promised themselves at the beginning of the year before half of it is gone. But you know what? Do as much as you can but still take time to rest, pace yourself, and watch your health. Cheers to a new month.

And about PWF, the team is working tirelessly to bring about the best writing community and we are building with everything we’ve got. You’ll have to excuse the delay, as everything that will always be worth it takes time. We will announce the starting date when it is time. Thank you.

Back to why I am writing this, In the whole month of May, I read six books:
1. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.
2. How to skyrocket your sales by Favour Onuh.
3. Sell like Crazy by Sabri.
4. Customer is God by Praise Ayodele.
5. She stoops to conquer.
6. Rules of work by Richard Templar.

I’d have loved to give a review of Customer is God but first, I want to read it again and apply it to my life, same with Sell like crazy and How to Skyrocket your sales. So I’ll only be talking about Rules of work by Richard Templar.

Richard Templar is like a work-inclined guy who loves to play his games with precision and excellence. He has written rules for almost all aspects of life. Rules of love, relationship, parenthood, name it. He has written it. His versatility dates back to the time when he loves to observe and test his observation and rules.

For example, he wanted a promotion in the company and everyone knew he was qualified for it but he didn’t carry himself like someone qualified for the position, and because of that he was not picked. The reason is that he did not “walk” like a manager.
Once again, the power of confidence and first impression showcased themselves. Who would have thought that the way you walked would matter? Who would have thought that the way you talked would matter?

Another lovely part of the book is the part where he wrote about teamwork. He put it this way, “always say ‘we’ not ‘I’.
• We won.
• We did it, not I did it.
• We made a mistake, not he made a mistake.

It brings about the team spirit, and much more the family bond needed to push a team or a project forward.

That’s all I’ll be talking about for “Rules of work”, but if you wish to read it, you can download it at Z-library and many other places.

With these words, I’ll love to welcome you into May, “Do everything you want to do, but don’t kill yourself while doing it”. It’s necessary to give your all while working, and it’s important to be committed to anything you are into.

Bless you.

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