Wisdom In A Year (February Publication)


Happy New Month, lovers!

February was a lot of things. You could have seen how it managed to drive me insane with exams and every other thing calling for my attention but as fate would have it, I am good at multi-tasking and also, my to-do list still works.

While running through this month with a lot of things to do, I read three books:
1. Confess by Colleen Hoover.
2. All of us should be feminists by Chimamanda Adichie.
3. Richest Man in Babylon by George Mason.

Apart from these books alone, I learned a lot more than I know last year. I met someone special to me, I started working on a project, I learned to love and be loved, started learning not to flip while being loved, learned to lead and be a leader, and some other interesting lessons of the month.

In the book, Richest Man in Babylon I have a lesson from chapter 2 that caught my attention and I am sure you’d like to hear it too. Here’s it:

• “A part of all you earn is yours to keep”

The statement above when utilized in its entirety will change a lot of people and their finances. The first time I read the book, I made sure that I put something aside for every money I get from work or from any money gift people gave me but that wasn’t consistent so I wasn’t consistent either. I was a freelancer and the Christmas gala does not happen in Mushin every day, lol. (Reminds me of an interesting Nollywood movie, A Naija Christmas Story by Kunle Afolayan), so I saved not frequently but when I felt like I haven’t saved for a while. So last month, while reading this book I came across something about throwing sand or stones into a river and when you missed a day or forgot to throw it on your way to the river, you go back and do it. If not, you just continue to do it the same way every day.

That is, consistency is not doing it every day or every second, that’s intensity. Of course, consistency needs repetition, but consistency means disciplining yourself to do it even when you forget, you don’t give up and say that’s that. You pick it up again and you continue from where you stop, not putting extra effort into those times you missed.

So I decided to pick 1/10 of my pocket money which is by the way more constant than the money I get from work and save it. That’s easier than putting half of it in saving every time and if I miss a week, I’ll just continue from where I stopped the last time.

Another lesson I learned from chapter 2 is that:

• “Opportunity is a haughty goddess who does not wait for those who are not ready for them.”

This to me, is bigger than finances. It spans everyday life. We make decisions, we learn and we wait for that perfect time to happen but let me shock you, it might not happen or it might. Who knows? But one thing I am sure of is that preparation when met by opportunity is termed a success. But some folks call it luck. It might be an exam, it might be taking a class, or competition or anything that determines the next stage of our lives, being prepared for it gets us ready to smash it and success is inevitable.

Therefore, I will love it if everybody who reads this starts to get prepared for everything, your future work, your future financial life, your next project, your exams, and all other things in life.

As one of my bosses would say, “Preparation when met with opportunity, leads to Success”.

I hope that I have been able to share one or two of those things I learned in February, why don’t you join me as I unveil the million-dollar writing project called PWF, I won’t tell you the full meaning but I’ll drop a hint of what it’s about.

PWF is a fellowship of writers who would be doing exploits by explicitly coaching and monitoring 50 writers for a particular purpose for some time. That’s all you will hear from me for now. 🤓 When it’s finally out, you will see it and take it on, because you want to be prepared for whatever is coming this year and I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Cheers to the new month.

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