Wisdom In A Year (May Edition)


Hello, June!

It’s been an amazing May and I am so excited about what June will be all about. So far, it’s been awesome. In May, Is started working at the University of Ilorin teaching hospital as an intern in Psychology, took courses on Coursera, worked on writing gigs, found love and read books.


I won’t be going into much details but I will tell you about the books I read in May and what I learnt as usual. I know you’d love to listen to every single story about May from my end but as God will have it, this is not a love time talk or show.😹


Okay, Okay. In May, I read four books, four crazy books that have changed my perspectives, helped my knowledge of leadership, and business. Those books are:

  1. The Mafia.
  2. Customer is God by Praise Ayodele.
  3. The 5 levels of leadership by John C. Maxwell.
  4. How to control your emotions by Joyce Meyer.


Learning from the mafia was interesting, I learnt about the first hundred years of organized crimes in the United States, how it started and how guns raised and razed empires of gangs.


The part of the story that got me interested was the part where the writer talked about godfatherism. The first godfather of the black hand, Mr Balsamo trained others to become godfathers, settled fights and gave advice to the leaders in the black hand gang. He regulated prices of the market, helped make rules and formed organizations that controlled how sea foods were sold. He became the most respected godfather.


Moving to Customer is God, I am not done with it because of the practical application and the other aspects of studying the book but I have been actively engaging some of the practical information in the book and I hope that by the time I am done, my brand will be totally transformed.


Next one is the 5 levels of leadership. Imagine that every leader is made. No, scratch that, every leader is made. In every sense of the meaning. You might want to argue that there are potential and natural leaders, yh? I know that too. In fact, you don’t have to be a natural before you lead. There are positional leaders of course.


In the 5 levels of leadership, John Maxwell highlighted the five levels of leadership and how to get there with every new organizations, teams and team members. As you’d have imagined, I was making several mistakes as a leader in PWF and I thought I was doing very well. Not until one weeks ago when the CEO of Pison group gave me a push to get better and this was part of the reason I read the book. It was really a blessing.


I’d recommend that you read all or one of these books if you can in the month of June. Happy new month to you all.



Michael Kojo Onaolapo.

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